Why do you need a criminal defense attorney if you’ve been charged?

Driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or other narcotics is prohibited in all states. While some drivers may believe that getting behind the wheel after a few drinks isn’t a big problem, being charged with a DWI may have major implications. If you are facing DWI charges, it is vital that you locate a competent DWI attorney to safeguard your rights. A defense lawyer can help you comprehend the accusations you’re facing and help you avoid consequences like losing your license, paying large fines, or being sentenced to probation or prison time.

DWI’s defense lawyers understand the laws concerning BAC

DWI charges are probable if a breathalyzer or blood test proves a motorist is at or over the legal limit. Comprehending how BAC (blood alcohol content) might affect your case is one of the most crucial components of understanding DWI accusations.

DWI drug cases can be complicated

A DWI charge may also be issued if you are suspected of driving under the influence of substances, including prescription pharmaceuticals and medicinal marijuana. A urine test, blood test, field sobriety test, or all three may be required. The problematic issue about DWI drug accusations is that certain substances, such as marijuana, may be detected in these tests even if you haven’t used them in months. That is why it is vital to locate skilled DWI attorney that understand the subtleties of the law and how to construct a strong defense against drug DWI allegations.

DWI convictions can have serious consequences

DWI penalties differ from one state to the next. Some of the criteria that might influence a sentence are as follows:

• Your BAC level

• Whether you have a prior DWI conviction

• Aggravating conditions such as driving with a suspended or revoked license, operating a vehicle with a youngster in the car, or inflicting severe harm in a DWI accident

A DWI, regardless of the circumstances, has a severe financial penalty. Even your first conviction in Pennsylvania may result in fine license revocation, and prison time. Multiple offenses may result in severe jail time as well as permanent license revocation.

In certain situations, a DWI driver may be qualified for an ard programme, which permits first-time offenders to have their charges dropped and their records wiped provided they successfully complete the programme. Hiring a DWI defense attorney who understands how to establish tactics to lessen or dismiss charges is vital to safeguarding your financial future, livelihood, and freedom.

Our Chester county drunk driving defense attorneys meticulously research the facts of your case. We understand how to develop successful defense tactics that may lead to reduced charges, dismissal of your case, or a ‘not guilty’ judgment. Some common issues that can aid in the development of a strong defense include:

• An improper or impermissible breathalyzer, blood, or urine test; you were pulled over without legal authority; you were interviewed without the proper constitutional protections;

• Procedural errors, such as chain of custody

• Insufficient evidence