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We are searching for guest writers that are knowledgeable in specific areas of marketing and are willing to share what they have learned with the community. In particular, we are searching for individuals who can solve common legal marketing and law firm management concerns. These issues include marketing, content marketing, keyword usage, website issues and SEO, law technology, practice management software, and other issues of a similar nature.

What We Require Before You Writing It Down

If you are interested in contributing to our publication, please email us a completely written manuscript along with a headline that you have given careful consideration to. Original work is the only type of content we may accept

Examples of the kinds of posts that we enjoy:

Posts Related To Strategy

• These types of postings give out the methods, concepts, philosophies, and frameworks that ought to influence the day-to-day execution of operations related to demand development. They have an opinion, and it is presented understandably. They ask questions that marketers ought to ponder and answer for themselves. These pieces are written to sway readers’ opinions and provide supporting data (instead of just informative).

• They assist attorneys in not just planning for the future but also delivering a higher value to their clients and operating their law offices more effectively.

Posts Related To Tactics And How-To:

• The advice provided in these blogs is geared toward assisting attorneys in achieving rapid victories and assisting people in mastering particular strategies and technology in the operation of their firms. They consistently connect to several other useful resources. They include concrete instances throughout. Frequently, these take the form of “lists,” “how-tos,” “10 Ideas for…”, or “5 Steps to…” articles.

• Please give practical advice, examples, and facts to back up your claims if you want to submit us a How To Post. If you choose to send us a How To Post.

When We Decide To Accept Your Proposal?

Your post will need to have the following particular components:

• You are required to contribute only unique stuff. A certain amount of content recycling is OK, but what we’re looking for is freshly created content.

• The substance of the article should be written in a tone that is both welcoming and professional. This contains a fantastic vocabulary and is organized logically. Keep in mind that B2B marketers are the primary audience for the sort of material we provide.

• Your article needs to be between 600 and 2000 words in length at the very least. You have the option of including incoming as well as outgoing connections. Our editorial staff has the right to make changes to the content you submitted.

• You are required to provide an accurate source citation whenever you refer to someone else’s work or research that has already been published.

• Images and visuals are encouraged, provided they include information that is helpful to readers. (Image dimensions should be 240 by 180 pixels, and photo credit should be given.)

• You shouldn’t include any sales pitches or promote your company in the piece you write. We would prefer that your blog be centered on teaching others rather than acting as advertising. You shouldn’t mention any external links to other items and services in your post in any way that doesn’t flow naturally from what you’re saying about that particular issue.

• No ties to affiliate programs.

• We always keep the option to make changes available to us.

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