Pros And Cons of Google Smart and Non-smart Shopping Campaigns

Smart Shopping campaign is quickly becoming a preferred method for PPC advertising. It is because machine learning and automation are revolutionizing the eCommerce sector. The best example is the Google Smart Shopping ad campaign.

What is Google Smart shopping?

Machine learning technology is used for Google shopping ad campaign optimization to maximize reach and conversions. You just need to input a few metrics including campaigning goal and budget. The integrated Smart Shopping app will place bids automatically and display ads across various Google networks like –

  • Goggle Search Network
  • Gmail
  • Display Network
  • YouTube

Promonavigator is designed for improving PPC marketing campaigns for your Shopify store. Setting up the program is easy. In a single click, upload your Merchant Center from the software directly. Thus, create an automated merchant feed for your Shopify product list. Other tools offered to enhance your online Shopify sales are competitor research, Keyword Planner, PPC reporting, Analytics Dashboard, and more. For more details visit the link –

Pros and cons of Google Smart Shopping


Setup is simple

The setup for smart shopping is easy and covers an array of ad types. This empowers advertisers to gain exposure quickly across a variety of locations on Google Display Networks including 3rd party platforms like Gmail and YouTube.

It is a good alternative for advertisers, who have less time to handle the entire ad strategy or budget to hire professionals. Some other benefits include the ability to use machine learning and automated bidding strategies.

Perfect for tracking real-time performance

If you are into a bumper sale then adding Display Network is beneficial. Showing the strikethrough price gains more exposure and response in SERPs in comparison to billboarding displays all around the city. Smart Shopping campaign offers more visibility and your odds to enhance conversion rate on Google Shopping and Display Network increases.


Less control on where to display your ads

You cannot exclude or target certain cities or regions in the campaign. Besides, you cannot set negative phrases. It means you will have minimal control over where your PPC ads will be displayed.

Performance analytics is unclear

Smart Shopping blends regular Google shopping ads with display re-marketing. Google does not offer clarity about traffic percentage they serve search result page and Display Network. Thus you cannot analyze, which network is attracting better traffic. 

What is a non-smart [standard] Google shopping campaign?

Non-smart shopping campaign is the organic SEO tactic used to reach the top ranking on search engine results. Non-smart shopping ad campaigns are challenging to set up and take time. However, the advertiser is in total control of each campaign aspect. 


  • Capable of determining network placement
  • Control location targeting.
  • Add negative keywords.
  • Unlike automated shopping, multiple landing pages are designed for multiple ads. 


  • Managing each aspect is time-consuming.
  • Manual ad text and image testing are essential.

However, advanced advertisers who need more control over optimization can choose to use non-smart shopping campaigns. Alternatively, new marketers with a tight budget and no time to manage can find Smart Shopping Campaign a solid choice. 

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